Spread of the Day: Six-Card “Prosperity” Spread

If there’s a single day in America when nearly everyone’s mind turns to money, it’s got to be April 15, so while you are filing away your tax returns, dear reader—and apropos of the day—consider this six-card layout specifically devised to answer questions revolving around finances. A single card is laid out, followed by five more, starting from the upper left of the first card, clockwise in the pattern of a five-pointed star. This spread does not use a Significator (court) card, though you can always include one if you feel so moved. We’ll study a sample spread, in order of the cards drawn, and we’ll review the significance of each “position” within the spread to see what we can learn about our own “money mind” today.

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 3.42.42 PMCard 1: Two of Wands.This is the “God” card—that is, the influence of spiritual forces in the universe, and specifically, what they could do to assist the querent. The Two of Wands is titled “Dominion,” but it can also be a card of tunnel vision. The man of power has dominion over a magnificent land, yet he seems more interested in the globe in his hand. Perhaps he dreams of conquering the world, but at the expense of overlooking—not to mention risking—the prosperity he already enjoys. In this case, this could mean that we are “looking beyond” our financial reality and are instead pining for something which, while ambitious, may not be feasible for us, that perhaps we might be better served thinking about our most probable financial state, and how best we can operate within its limits. It might actually be more profitable than we imagine!

2. The Tower. This is the “Peace” card—the card that suggests what thoughts or course of action the querent can effect to gain peace of mind in the matter. The appearance of The Tower would seem inauspicious here, but we can also interpret it as simply a warning against negative thinking; excessive fear and anxiety over money is an equally destructive manifestation of ego as flaunting one’s money, or gloating over it in the way that the builders at Babel gloated over their illusory godly powers. How exactly shall we unburden ourselves of these unhealthy thoughts? Perhaps the next card will provide a clue.

3. Seven of Cups. This is the “Prosperity” card—specifically, what thoughts or course of action will increase the chances of prosperity and happiness in the querent’s life. In a conventional spread, the Seven is often thought of as a “wild card” of sorts because it involves choices to be made. It also has an illusory nature since most of its characters are creations of ego—dragons and monsters that it conjures to frighten us, or the shiny symbols of wealth of our everyday lives that in reality is only so much “junk jewelry.” In a reading such as this, the card could be telling us to “lose our illusions”; perhaps our financial expectations are unrealistic, and this could lead us to make poor choices with money. How, then, to proceed?

4. Princess of Wands. This is the “Healing” card. It suggests to the querent what she can do to reduce any negative feelings she may have about the situation. Pages usually refer to new studies or enterprises—a career change, perhaps, or some new creative endeavor. (Wands are typically associated with the creative professions such as arts and literature.) Here, the Princess suggests that perhaps we consider going back to school to further our education, or to take up a new hobby or pastime that will give us pleasure.

5. The Magician. This is the “Reward” card—namely, what in the querent’s life will provide her with the greatest emotional reward and reinforcement. Following the Princess of Wands, the presence of The Magician strongly suggests that the querent consider using her considerable powers of creativity to bring something new into the world—a painting, a sculpture, a book, a garden, a dinner recipe, you name it—that would not only be satisfying for her but which would also increase the happiness of others—something that will emanate positively forever. Will it make the querent rich? Probably not, but she’ll never know if she never tries!

6. The Empress. Finally, the “Meaning” card—specifically, what a state of prosperity would look like to the querent, and how it might affect her. Following The Magician, this would indicate that whatever our querent decides to create, it would best be a true “labor of love”—for love begets itself, and returns itself in kind. The preponderance of Major cards in this spread suggests that many of the forces influencing the querent’s thinking may be beyond her immediate control; in turn, this suggest that our querent surrender her urge to “control” the situation, and invite the spirit-forces around her to guide her. Prosperity is virtually assured in any event, though it may not take the form of mammon but of reciprocating acts of love that gladden men’s hearts and uplift the soul of humankind—and who knows, it might make us a few shekels, too!

Dante DiMatteo

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