Reflections on The King of Wands

Today’s one-card reading . . .

Q: It’s Monday, which is a day that I typically set aside each week to finding more paying work—which has been in increasingly short supply lately! What should I keep in mind during my search today?

A: This.

KingRegular visitors to this site are likely aware that your humble blogger has devoted the greater part of his career to the so-called “creative” arts. In his last corporate position, he worked as a senior-level manager for a mid-sized multimedia company, with dozens of employees under his direct supervision, and hundreds of creative decisions for him to make and mediate each day. Bearing in mind this card’s connection to the element of Fire—and the Promethean gift of “creative fire” implied by it—our querent, in essence, was a real-life King of Wands in his workplace, and perhaps he is being challenged today to consider resuming his “rightful place on the throne.” Could this mean returning to his former employer? Perhaps, but only in a position of power and authority that would be similar to what he once knew.

Since leaving the corporate world, our querent by contrast has performed a series of freelance and consulting jobs that have given him a great deal of personal freedom—including the free time to start up and maintain this blog—but also the economic uncertainty that accompanies freelance work. He has studiously tried to avoid a return to corporate life, but facing challenging financial times, the King of Wands may be telling him today that such a return might be his best—and even only—viable option.

In any event, the King urges the querent to “aim high” in his job search, aspiring ever upward like fire itself. He worked for many years—decades, in fact—to earn his kingship, and he should think twice before accepting a lesser, subordinate role. His leadership skills have been tested in the past and found to be reasonably sound; he was respected and well liked by his peers; and like the salamander who symbolizes the King of Wands, he has survived numerous “trials by fire”—layoffs, downsizings and bankruptcies.

Unique among the Kings of the Tarot, the King of Wands is pictured in profile, which suggests a hidden or surreptitious side to his nature, and to the card itself; as with fire, the King’s influence can be destructive as well as illuminating, and this should serve as a caution to the querent that he remain level-headed in his career search, and not let his temper get the best of him. He has not reached a “feet to the fire” moment quite yet, so while remaining resolute in his quest, he has no need to panic. In reality, there is never a need to panic—for when this happens, we succumb to our fears, which in turn cloud our judgment like the smoke that billows forth from a fire burning out of control. So should it be for our querent today: Patient determination should be the spirit in which he walks.

Dante DiMatteo

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