Ten of Cups


A glorious rainbow in the sky is illuminated by ten cups. A man and a woman, arm in arm, turn their gaze to the heavens as if to give thanks, and their children join hands and dance a merry jig. In the background a stream flows through a fertile meadow; it is the picture of paradise on earth.

So our journey through Briah concludes, and the transcendent power of love is shown forth by the phenomenon that bears all the colors of the spectrum: The rainbow. In classical mythology, the rainbow is associated with Iris, the messenger who transmits the Gods’ wishes to man. She is, we might say, the “router” between man and God, and the vehicle through which we achieve unity with the Divine. We should use our own irises—our gifts of insight and out-sight—to look for rainbows in our everyday lives, for they are all around us in everything we see and everyone we meet. We simply need to remove the psychic “blinders” that reduce our perception of life to a black-and-white world, and behold the spectrum of love and light that Creation offers all.

Meanings of this card can include: Domestic bliss, perfect contentment, the power of love realized, the “born-again” experience attained, and happiness in all its aspects; but also insecurity, instability, uneasiness and troubles to come; for this aeon of love and compassion has come to the end of its cycle, and we must undergo another incarnation before the Divine Will is fully made manifest in the world of fallen man. Iris has a few more message for us, and some of them aren’t going to make us happy.

Dante DiMatteo

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