Reflection on The Four of Wands

Regular visitors to this site may recall the unusual situation in which I found myself yesterday—namely, wondering how and why a prospective employer who reached out to me to interview for a position with his company would suddenly “vanish into the ether,” so to speak, without bothering to notify me. I don’t like to ascribe bad-faith motives to people I don’t know, but the only conclusion I could draw from this was that the employer had already decided who he wanted to hire, but as a hedge against any future claims of favoritism, he picked me out of a stack of resumes and set up a time for an interview that was never going to happen but which he would have documentation in the form of our e-mail exchange. (Gambling that no one would ask to look at his phone logs would be a fairly safe bet.) Anyway, this suspicion has been nagging me today, so shuffling the Tarot and closing my eyes, I asked “Am I on the right track here, and this quote-unquote “interview” was just a set-up? Are my suspicions justified, or am I being too negativistic?” After meditating a few moments more, I turned over the top card:


I could be wrong—it wouldn’t be the first time!—but if I didn’t know better, Tarot is telling me, “Yes, you’re right, and thank God it didn’t happen. Now get out and celebrate life!” In any event, an employer who practices subterfuge in the workplace is not the kind of person I’d likely want to work for (speaking from first-hand experience here), and the Four of Wands reminds me of the importance of finding a warm and welcoming environment in which I can apply my creativity to its fullest potential. It’s also a reminder to all of us that we are all most likely to maximize our creative potential when we are willing, like the townspeople depicted on the card, to step outside the safe, secure boundaries of our workaday lives and embrace new ways of thinking—the unseen “visitors” the characters in the card are greeting. When fresh ideas enter our minds and “open our eyes” to the bright light of day (the color yellow signifying mental activity), we discover a transformative power inside of ourselves that is as transcendent as the transformative power of nature. All we need to do is to let down our conscious resistance, and allow it to happen.

Dante DiMatteo

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