Reflections on The Empress

From  today’s one-card reading . . .

Q: Of the gifts that God has given me, which should I put to use today?

A: This one.


In a word, “create”. But as The Empress represents the Mature Feminine, our creativity should be of a gestative rather than a procreative (i.e., masculine) nature. We accomplish this when we allow others to “take the lead” in an undertaking, and we fulfill our role by providing a nurturing atmosphere in which good ideas can be brought to fruition and loving relationships can flourish. This is the function of understanding that imposes structure upon wisdom—that gives it space to grow—and in our waking lives, it can be made manifest in an act as simple as listening. For many of us, and for men in particular, listening to others is one of the hardest behaviors to learn—not only to listen to others, but to the voice of Divine wisdom in our head that would guide us if we would allow it—but it is a skill we need to acquire if we are ever to fully know our true Selves; and as with any skill, the more we practice this skill, the more proficient we become at it.

One way to practice the esoteric “art of silence” is through daily prayer and meditation, asking the Divine forces around you for some of their wisdom and understanding. The other way, of course, is listening to others, and taking counsel from their experiences. If there is anything we can share with them in return that would be of help to them, we should always provide comfort and support to those who are likewise willing to listen to us. Just as The Empress represents the “Great Mother” of antiquity, we all have a “mother impulse” inside us, regardless of gender or age, that would have us use our innate gifts of mercy, charity and kindness to elevate the consciousness of humankind.

Now, all of these ideas might sound obvious to the point of parody—but look around and see how many of our fellow voyagers are screaming and yelling—figuratively and literally—at each other. See how many of us are howling “Listen to me!” over the din of a mob likewise demanding to be heard. See how many are spilling for a fight, and how many others cheer them on! Much of this is a collective symptom of the “split psyche” that has afflicted the mind of modern man. Yet many of the most important lessons we learn in life come about not by conscious striving but by the exact opposite—by stilling our hearts, and taking the path of introspection. Just as the earth receives the autumn rain in order to offer up a lush garden the following spring, so too should we open our hearts and let those “living waters” of unconditional love enter into us; what may “spring forth” from ourselves, once we have drunk of them and healed our parched psyches, we can then release the gift of miracles, like fishes and loaves in due season, to nourish a spiritually starving world.

Dante DiMatteo

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