Reflections on The Two of Cups

Q: What is my purpose in life today?

A: This.

IIAs with all of the Twos in the Minor Arcana, this card speaks to us in the language of dualities. It is a card of contemplation and study, but also of silence and introspection. It is a card of accomplishment but also of isolation, of victory unshared with the multitude (by contrast, see the Four and Six of Wands). It reminds us, then, of both the necessity for solitude on occasion, and of the limitations of solitude if carried to an extreme.

All of Creation being interconnected and interdependent, we place constraints on our own creativity when we withdraw at length from the wider world; for while it is important for us to have goals in life, and to use our creative abilities to meet them, we can never accomplish anything that truly resonates throughout existence entirely on our own. I can spend hours by myself, meditating on the cards to divine their meanings, for instance, but sharing this insight with others—either in person or via this humble blog—is what brings the work to its fullest realization. And that, in turn, is what gives the sharer a sense of purpose and place. Even if only one person on the entire planet is touched or inspired by one of these posts, when that happens it is exactly as if a miracle has been birthed into the world between two souls, to be multiplied and shared with others, like fishes and loaves, until the end of space and time. This should be the goal of all our conscious discourse.

We have been brought to this strange and sometimes terrifying place called Earth to bless, forgive and to uplift others, just as others were brought here to bestow the same blessings upon us. The door to our heart should be open to all of our fellow wayfarers as much as possible, and we should always be willing to share the knowledge and understanding we’ve gained across our journey of self-discovery. A life spent in the ivory tower, walled off from Creation, is a lonely life indeed.

Dante DiMatteo  

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