Reflections on The Ace of Wands

Q:  Last night I had a dream that saddened me. In it, I was swimming in a bright blue ocean surrounded by fish and sea anemones and coral reefs in a vibrant symphony of color when all of a sudden, the bed of the sea began stirring, and soon the waters were muddied in a kind of underwater dust storm. I couldn’t see anything around me! Then I heard a man’s voice telling me that people were mining aluminum from the ocean floor, and that this activity was stirring up the dust and destroying all life in the sea. Then the dust receded and the water again turned blue. But it was utterly lifeless—there were no fish, and the coral was the color of dry dirt. “Why are we doing this?” I wondered. “Our home is dying!” Then I woke up, feeling very upset. What should I take away from my dream?

A: This.


The dreamer feels, on an unconscious level, that his lived environment has been somehow violated, then abandoned in a way that has made his life, once a “symphony of color”, now virtually unlivable, an experience devoid of purpose and place. There is some elemental truth underlying the dreamer’s feelings—and on the material level, man is in fact destroying his “home” for no other reason than to extract more profits from it; so in this narrow sense, the dream is a reflection of a kind of lesser reality. But be that as it may, the Ace of Wands tells the dreamer today—literally!—to “get a grip,” to leave his sorrows in the past and to make plans for a “new life.”

This Ace, we should remember, is the “originator” of all the pip cards—the “first spark” of Divine thought that animates consciousness in our world, so it suggests the presence of some powerful creative forces that may soon be manifested in the querent’s life: An opportunity beckoning that he need only recognize, then seize. Before he can do this, however, the querent needs to “let go” of any feelings of inadequacy, persecution or self-pity that may be holding him back from achieving his goals. The obstructions he perceives—like the muddy waters of his dream—exist only in his own mind. Today, then, the Ace would remind us, is a day to turn a new page and to resolve to act boldly and confidently in our dealings with others: To heed our nobler instincts, to forgive others for their transgressions, and to banish all fear of failure.from our minds. This is easier said than done, of course, but eventually it will be done, for the alternative is to live in a dark and desolate “wasteland” that’s utterly disconnected from God’s light and love. We were not brought here to live that way!

Dante DiMatteo

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