The Ace of Pentacles: The Dawn of a New Day, and Expecting the Unexpected

Today’s one-card reading . . .

Q: I applied a few weeks ago for a position with an esteemed and exclusive publishing company on the East Coast. I’m utterly qualified for the job—if not overqualified; I could literally step in tomorrow and begin work with no oversight or training whatsoever—and while the compensation package might not  be as sumptuous as I would like, the prestige of working for this particular firm would enhance my professional cachet to a considerable degree. Anyway, I had forgotten all about this opening (I live 3,000 miles away from the company HQ, after all) when I was contacted today by a representative from the company, who said that I was under active consideration for the job, and that she would be reaching out to me within a number of days or weeks to possibly arrange an interview. I don’t want to count my chickens, but it has been awhile since I’ve even been able to arrange a job interview, much less an offer of employment. Could this development mean anything, and if so, what?

A: This.


Does this mean that an interview or a job opening is on the horizon? Of course not, but it does hint at the commencement of a new phase in the querent’s life—and in  particular, to the querent’s material well-being. This could mean all sorts of things: A new job offer, an inheritance, a one-time windfall (a tax refund, for example), or gifts from others. The querent’s (i.e., my) birthday is about a few days away, so the Ace could simply be advising me to enjoy the passage of another year, and the dawning of another, in a spirit of generosity and gratitude.

Wanting to elaborate on the “job” angle, I laid out four cards in a cross-pattern around the Ace, in the following order:


4        Ace        3


The cards that appeared were these:Screen shot 2015-06-10 at 2.35.35 PMThe significances of the cards, in order, are:

1. “As above . . .” Highest aspirations and goals. In his more idealistic youth, the querent often imagined himself a “crusader” for righteous causes like the Knight of Swords, but, like an archetypal Walter Mitty, his withdrawn, dreamy and introverted nature suppressed this impulse for the first half of his life—in fact, he even denigrated it as needlessly aggressive and warlike. Now less inhibited, more gregarious in his dealings with others, and more comfortable “in his own skin,” he is free to dream again of crusades, of dragons to be conquered and captives to be set free. The job opening he mentions would actually allow him to do this to an extent, albeit on a literary, not temporal, level. Thank goodness!

2. “So below.” Spiritual foundation. This card shows the key to the querent’s transformation from nervous youth to confident and fully individuated adult—the willingness to surrender one’s fears and misapprehensions through achieving a state of a “suspended mind” to gain a greater sense of self-awareness and to understand the interrelatedness of all things with the Self. The Hanged Man in this position suggests that this process of individuation is one that the querent is undergoing or has already undergone. It is, either way, a solid foundation upon which to embark upon spiritual pursuits.

3. “As it was . . .” Recent being/the recent past. Reinforcing the Hanged Man, Temperance suggests that the querent has been trying to strike a spiritual balance in his life—to master the “art of living.” At this point, the reading has reached a state of perfect equilibrium among the elements : Air above (Knight/Aquarius), water below (Hanged Man/Water), and fire behind (Temperances/Sagittarius) the element of earth (Ace of Pentacles). The last  card, then, will suggest the element of consciousness that will drive the matter forward to a serendipitous resolution . . . 

4. “So shall it be.” Soon becoming/the near future. In this reading, this turns out to be is the element of Air, the formative realm of will, volition and ego. Among its other suggested meanings, this card implies movement, perhaps hastily and with little advance notice. The querent has recently resigned himself to relocating for work if the need arises, even though he loves his home in Los Angeles, and the card in the “future” position suggests that he should be continue to be prepared for such a contingency. An implied warning, however, is that, when events suddenly change and we find ourselves pulled in unforeseen new directions—whether due to work or any other lifestyle change—we should avoid “looking back” at what we have left behind rather than paying close attention to where we are proceeding, and being appreciative of the riches we have gained along the journey.

In a similar vein, we should not allow ourselves to become too fixated on material matters (note the thief of the Seven of Swords gazing longingly at the Ace of Pentacles behind him, not watching where he is going) lest we lose track of our way in life. What happens where we allow this to happen? As an experiment in the power of suggestion, I turned over one additional card to the left of the Seven—that is, in the direction the thief isn’t looking toward:

towerLook before you leap—and if not, look out! The moral of the story here is that when unexpected events unfold in our lives, it is incumbent upon us to take control of them—if we can’t anticipate them ahead of time—before they take control over us. We “own” every aspect of our lives, after all—even those parts of it that we can’t see in our waking state of existence.

Dante DiMatteo

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