Princess of Pentacles


An young woman standing in a lush green meadow holds aloft a Pentacle on a bright sunny day. She gazes at the coin with an enrapt look on her face.

The Princess of Cups represents the “earthy” element of earth; that is, earth in its purest and least corrupted form. This is likely the meaning of the plot of tilled soil in the distance—the richness of earth, its ability to provide us with our sustenance. Agriculture, after all, is nothing less than the foundation upon which human civilization was built, and by which it is still sustained!

The Princess is traditionally assigned to the zodiacal sign of Taurus the Bull, sign of fixed earth and the beast of burden that helps us plow our fields. The bull has been a powerful fertility symbol throughout the ages (Picasso made a lot of money thanks to this), so our Princess is also a budding receiver and giver of life. This is symbolized by the green color of her tunic, the earthy color of her undergarments, and by the red of her headdress, which may stand for menstrual blood.

Meanings in a reading can include: Fertility and fecundity, dependability, first signs of sexual awareness, “we reap what we sow”, news of material import, or more mundanely, a young woman born under an earth sign; but also the cheapest and shabbiest forms of materialism, fickleness, repressed sexuality, or bad news regarding material matters. As we give thanks for the great bounty God grants us from the earth, likewise should we be thankful for the manna of spirit He rains down on us from heaven.

Dante DiMatteo

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