Reflections on the Prince of Pentacles

This morning I laid out a 10-card Tree of Life spread while asking about my creative energies today: Would today hold promise for me in that regard, or would I be better off focusing my efforts on more mundane, worldly affairs? The spread that appeared was—quite literally—full of fire, with three Wands in the mix along with Strength (governed by leo), Temperance (Sagittarius) and Judgment (Fire!). Thinking that this augured well for creative projects, I reshuffled the deck and laid down a single card for some additional clarification:


Sometimes I think the cards enjoy having a little joke on me every now and then . . .

Because they are depicted on horseback, implying motion, the Princes (or Knights) of the Tarot generally signify the “coming or going” of an activity or event in the life of the querent. Since they are symbolized by coins, Pentacles suggest material matters, such as money and work. This could mean, therefore, a new job opportunity and the promise of wealth on the horizon, or—conversely—the coming of unemployment and the prospect of poverty; the Prince’s fallow field may be newly seeded or barren from drought, after all! Since the latter condition has regrettably informed your humble blogger of late, the Prince of Pentacles just might be telling me today that my creative energies would best be used in the pursuit of steady employment; better to save writing the great American novel for another day, perhaps.

The card also carries some additional significances that might be instructive. One involves the the Prince’s vision; he holds his coin aloft, yet he casts his gaze over and beyond it. This could be a warning not to neglect material concerns, neither to succumb to sensual pleasures that—however enjoyable—might best be postponed until our finances are more stable. The card is also interpreted—by some readers, anyway—as the “coming or going” of a journey into the backcountry, as with a Jeep or 4×4 truck. As it happens, yours truly has done many of those; perhaps another adventure beckons him, or perhaps he has reached the end of his trail-riding days, and another calling awaits him.

In any event, the Prince of Pentacles is the true “workhorse” among the court cards—note that his expansive field is thoroughly plowed from end to end—and in that regard, he reminds us of the need to keep our proverbial noses to the grindstone whenever we begin any endeavor in earnest—whether it’s painting a picture, writing for a blog, reading a Tarot spread, or searching for a job. Each pursuit requires its own kind of creative thinking to be successful. It’s our job to figure out what works best for each application, then keep working at it until, like the Prince in his fields, we can reap the rewards of our labor.

Dante DiMatteo

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