Reflections on The Ten of Cups

From today’s one-card reading . . .

Q: As we discussed the other day, a heavy responsibility has fallen upon your humble blogger—the care of an aging parent who requires assistance in most of her everyday efforts. It’s a level of responsibility I’ve never had to shoulder in my life up to now, and the arrival of it has filled me with all sorts of apprehension, and fears of inadequacy. I’ve been praying that I might summon the inner strength to meet this challenge, but if there is anything else I should keep in mind during this trying time, I’d certainly appreciate it. 

A: Here, try this.


This is the ultimate reward of faith—the proverbial rainbow that manifests itself after the storm, a shining work of incandescent beauty borne out of the violent energies of lightning flashes and thunderclaps. Your humble blogger’s life may seem to be entering a stormy and unsettling phase at the moment, but the Ten of Cups reminds him that if he remains faithful to the task, questioning not his abilities nor his patience, then he too will eventually behold a rainbow of his own—the gifts of grace and mercy that bless those who willingly bestow those same gifts unto others. In essence, this is the only reason we are here—to share the love that dwells within us; it is our highest calling, and—as the card shows us unambiguously—it should be celebrated, not feared.

As with the Ten of Wands we discussed the other day, the Ten of Cups represents the culmination or the completion of an event, or the end of a chapter in one’s life. This in turn implies the beginning of another chapter as yet unwritten in our conscious minds. Nothing can be done to alter life’s eternal ebbs and flows, but whenever we find ourselves entering into a turbulent time of our lives, it’s best at times to “go with the flow,” and to try our best to perceive the challenges that confront us not as burdens to be suffered or obstacles to be overcome but as opportunities to spread compassion and forgiveness to others. Knock, and the door shall be opened.

Dante DMatteo

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