Reflections of The Princess of Cups

Q: What should I keep in mind or reflect upon today?

A: This.PageTraditionally, the appearance of this card in a reading suggests the possible dawning of a romantic or sexual encounter, or the conclusion of one—and, by implication but to a lesser extent, to the possibility of pregnancy or miscarriage. (This can be a spiritual or emotional experience, not only physical.) It can also refer to primordial insight—the “fish” emerging from the chalice—that can be gained from engaging in esoteric or occult studies.

The Princess of Cups is governed by the sign of Scorpio, which in turn governs sexuality and death, as well as esoterica and the occult arts. In our recent review of the Myers-Briggs personality test, we noted that the King of Wands—which is trending toward becoming your humble blogger’s newest Significator, based on his own recent test results—is most compatible with this card, so there may indeed be some kind of “chemistry factor” at work within the cards here.

So, does this means that “love is in the air” for our querent? Well, of course, that’s always the case with us—we simply need to know where, and how, to look for love. It’s not nearly so elusive as we might think! Before we start jumping to conclusions, however, laying down some additional cards to gain some needed clarification is sometimes a good idea for a one-card reading, so today—feeling in need of a little extra guidance—I decided to lay out a hexagonal “love spread” (for lack of better term) with the aim of reaching a deeper understanding of the Princess’s present influence in the life of the querent—okay, yours truly. The cards were laid out in the following order, using the Princess as the Significator:


2            1


4           3


The subjects to be addressed in this spread are, roughly:

1. Influences of the love-force upon the querent: Positive.
2. Influences of the love-force upon the querent: Negative.
3. The querent’s receptivity to the love-force.
4. The querent’s resistance to the love-force.
5. The querent’s spiritual foundation.
6. The querent’s highest aspiration.

Here are the cards that decided to make an appearance today:Screen shot 2015-07-17 at 9.08.23 AMLike the old saying goes, be careful what you ask for . . .

This is an interesting layout for three reasons: First, because of the predominance of Cups, which speak directly to the “feeling” function, which is the emotional foundation on which loving relationships are built; by contrast, there are no Wands or Pentacles in the spread, so today we will endeavor to “feel” this reading rather than attempt to “think” it intellectually or “sense” it physically as much as we possibly can. Second, the two most powerful and transcendent female archetypes in the Major Arcana have paid the querent a visit, suggesting that some serious “Goddess energy” is being posed, and perhaps activated, by this reading. Third, there is only one reversed card of the six in this spread, indicating a favorable spiritual polarity surrounding the querent today—and even that single card often portends more favorable outcomes when reversed than when it is not.

1. Positive influence: Ten of Cups. Love is the fulfillment of all righteousness.

2. Negative influence: Knight of Cups. Hesitancy, reluctance; we’re not sure about this!

3. Receptivity: Page of Swords. If love and will are to coexist, we must let down our emotional guard.

4. Resistance: The Empress. We always want to be in control in a relationship, but the Great Mother begs to differ!

5. Foundation: Four of Cups reversed. To love fully, we must drop all resistance, set aside all doubt, and open our arms, and our hearts, to the experience.

6. Aspiration: The High Priestess. To submit to love is to connect with the Divine, which is the Self. This is our appointed destiny—so why are we waiting?

I suppose the next “obvious” question might be, “Okay, so where do I find this love—or, where does it find me?” At the risk of tempting the oracle once too often, I shuffled the deck once more, and, asking the question, turned over the top card:VHey, it’s another Cup! Another “love” card, right?  . . . But once again with the Tarot, it also reminds us to be careful what we ask for. A helpful lesson to learn!

Dante DiMatteo

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