Reflections on The Queen of Wands

Q: What can I do to make the world a more humane and welcoming place today?

A: This.QueenCourt cards can be somewhat tricky to decipher when they appear in a spread because they can signify the querent herself, someone who the querent knows, or who has influenced the querent in some way—a former teacher or a long-deceased relative, perhaps. Court cards can also signify a particular avocation, or the influence of one in the life of the querent; Queens, representing the passive “yin” energy-force to the active “yang” of Kings, exert a mediating effect within the Tarot courts, and in the case of Wands, this energy implies professions such as law or finance, where mediative skills are highly valued.

In this particular case, when the querent happens to be a member of the opposite sex, and none of the other associations seems to apply (at least on the surface), we may begin to look for so-called “feminine” attributes in the querent’s psyche that correlate to the card—those elements of his makeup that suggest a receptivity (or resistance, if the card is reversed in a spread) to those “fiery” creative energies unleashed by the King of Wands—who, in many ways, is the preeminent “Alpha male” of the court cards. This could speak to the “receptivity” the querent has dedicated to maintaining this blog; one has to spend an appreciable amount of time “picking up vibes” from the cards before one can compose an original post on them, and the meditative element of the work (the “reception”) takes far longer than the actual writing (the “creation”), which often seems to occur spontaneously. So perhaps the Queen is telling the querent that he blesses the world when he engages the receptive psychic impulse that enables insightful card-reading. Reversed in a reading, she could be telling him that his energies are being misapplied or that he needs to devote more time to meditating on the cards.

Still, as mentioned, interpreting the court cards can pose difficulties, even for experienced readers, so sometimes it is good to lay out a few extra cards for purposes of elaboration—”variations on a theme,” as we express the concept in music. Today, using the Queen as the Significator, I laid out a simple pentagram-inspired spread as follows:


4            3


2            1

The questions posed by the cards are, roughly:

1. What is the situation I am facing?

2. How is that situation helping or hindering me?

3. What is my ultimate goal in this matter?

4. What is preventing—or has prevented—me from achieving it?

5. With the Queen of Wands in mind, what’s the best course of action?

Here are the cards that made an appearance today:

Screen shot 2015-07-21 at 1.09.10 PMIt will come as no surprise to regular visitors to this site, but the cards remind us—yet again!—that your humble blogger has experienced a season of material hardship (1. Ace of Pentacles reversed), and try though he might to ignore it, it has likely taken a toll on his psyche; if he had to be honest, he probably feels a little more sorry for himself than is healthy, and is struggling to “let go” of hurt feelings (2.Three of Swords reversed). Taken in tandem, these two impulses exert a strong downward pull on his emotional state, and when viewed in contrast to the cards above, which are all pointing in the opposite direction, portend a psychic split if corrective measures are not taken.

The querent is, however, ambitious after a sort, for at this stage of his life he desires a complete and utter transformation—materially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually: Nothing less than a “born again” experience (3. Death). What is holding him back may be his tendency—not unique to him—to equate the fleeting rewards of material success with emotional gratification. In the querent’s case, it probably stems from a long-held and deep-seated desire for acclaim that at times has descended into lust (4. The Devil), and a lingering resentment of the successes of others, which he sees as coming at the expense of his own. (Is there a better definition of “hell on earth”?) Such a personality type could really use the influence of a mediator—wouldn’t you say?—to remind him that his perceived state of separation from others is a mistake that exposes him to needless harm, and in any event, his unquenched thirst for recognition virtually ensures that he will be neither emotionally nor materially fulfilled until he readjusts the way he looks at the world (Ace of Pentacles, upside down).

Okay, what would the Queen of Wands suggest I do to “break through”? Today, at least, get out in the world and share your blessings! Throw a party, and drink a toast! (If that doesn’t sum up the 5. Three of Cups, nothing does.) Be generous with others, giving freely and asking nothing for yourself. In so doing, you earn the recognition you most need at this point in your life. This is timeless wisdom that goes back to the ancients: as the Talmud puts it, “In my exaltation is my abasement; in my abasement, my exaltation.” Likewise, as the Queen is receptive of the King’s creative energy, be receptive to the creative energies of others, and always be ready to toast their good fortune, for it is indistinguishable from your own. Finally, as the Queen is a mediative archetype, so should we strive to use our own mediative skills to bring others together in a spirit of love and reconciliation. By offering to heal others, we help to heal our Selves.

And so, dear reader, I toast your good fortune today!

Dante DiMatteo

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