For Today: Four-Card “Fortune” Spread

Q: I noticed a job listing posted online today for  position that I’m eminently qualified for. It would involve working as a contractor for a former client company with which I’ve had many good professional relationships over the years. I’ve sent off a detailed CV and resume to the agency. Should I feel optimistic?

A: You should exude a spirit of optimism in everything you undertake. It is a key to success in business as in life. But as to the matter . . .Scan 1 1. What are you thinking? That you have spent a lot of time struggling to re-start and revitalize your career, and that now, just maybe, you are about to reap the reward you deserve (Justice). Be mindful, however, that the administration of Justice is sometimes capricious and not always just, and as with the figures on the card who appear to be fighting over the custody of a young child behind the judge’s back, getting the justice we deserve in life requires us to acknowledge at least the need to fight and to argue vigorously for it: That is, we need to be willing to “tell it to the judge” if we want to make our day in court really count. Simply standing up and saying, “I’m awesome” might not be sufficient, so a follow-up e-mail to the employer next week—gently reminding him of your awesomeness and, ahem, your availability—might be a smart course of action.

 2. What are you feeling? No surprise here—like an exile in the wilderness. Regular visitors to this site know that its humble proprietor has been caught in an existential quandary over the last couple of years—specifically, wondering if he hasn’t been exiled “into the wilderness” (Eight of Cups) by a profession that no longer has any need for him. Now, some time spent in solitude has been beneficial to him, as he has re-evaluated his career goals, and the extra time has given him the chance to engage in some spiritual soul-searching and self-examination, of which this blog is one permutation. But now is the time to come down from the mountain—at least, that’s what he is feeling today.

3. What are you perceiving? Also not surprising—a return to gainful work (3 of Pentacles), but more than just that—work that has a spiritual, as well as a material, dimension; the number “3” suggests the influence of the Holy Trinity, remember, and the building depicted in the card is almost certainly a cathedral, or a similar house of worship. In the end, however, the nature of the edifice, and the purpose to which it will be consecrated, are largely to be determined by the querent, who is depicted here as the stone-cutter. Note how he converses with a monk and a jester. Whether he is dedicating his efforts to building a home for the former or for the latter is entirely up to him. We know which master the stone-cutter would serve—but will he get the opportunity?

4. What are you sensing? That the warm relationships you have cultivated with this company in the past (Six of Cups) will prove beneficial to you now. It is, of course, possible to view the world through rose-colored glasses, and while maintaining cordial relationships in the business world is almost always advisable, the engine of commerce doesn’t generally run on sentiment. As the first card in this spread suggests, sometimes you need to “prime the pump” to get the best results. Perhaps it’s time to consider rekindling some relationships from the past with an eye on securing a better future.

Dante DiMatteo 

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