Further Reflections: The Princess of Swords, and a Six-Card “New Job” Spread

Following up from the previous post, I thought it might be interesting to seek some elaboration from the Tarot about my new job offer that we discussed yesterday. So, using the Princess of Swords as a Significator, I laid down a simple six-card spread that asks the most elemental questions one would pose when entering into a new work environment. The cards were dealt around the Princess as follows:


4           3


5           2


The questions for the cards are, roughly:

1. What are my wishes for this job?
2. What am I thinking about this job?
3. How am I feeling about this job?
4. What am I perceiving about this job?
5. What am I sensing about this job?
6. Given current circumstances, what is the likely outcome?

Here are the cards that made an appearance today:Screen shot 2015-07-31 at 10.54.17 AM

Disclosure: No reversed cards were used by design today. Not that they would alter the reading much since the cards tell a fairly straightforward and supportive tale:

1. What am I wishing? Two of Pentacles. This is the card of work-life equilibrium—of striking the perfect balance in one’s waking life between home and career. In my case, I’ve had too much of the former and too little of the latter lately, so a return to the salt mine, at this point in time, is a very good thing.

2. What am I thinking? Ace of Swords. Seize the day! I have the opportunity to “own” this job in a way that no one at the agency ever has, or ever will; by fully applying my powers of creativity, I can be the proverbial “breath of fresh air” that my employer has been seeking. Let me only act wisely and never in haste.

3. What am I feeling? Nine of Pentacles. A sense of relief and of “homecoming.” I’ve been away from work for over a year, after all!

4. What am I perceiving? Death. This is the end of one cycle of my working life, and the beginning of another—related to the former,. but also markedly different. There is always some insecurity attendant to “starting over” in one’s career, but given the near utter lack of job security in our modern working world, at least one career change in one’s lifetime is the rule rather than the exception now.

5. What am I sensing? Ten of Wands. This job could be a “heavy lift” at first. It could be a heavy lift all the time! Then again, my new employer is paying me handsomely, so I should be mindful going forward that whatever “grunt work” I am given, I’ll be fairly compensated for it. This job could also, quite possibly, open the door to even more lucrative opportunities in the future—Tens, in general, speak to the end of an event, and by implication the beginning of another—so nose to the grindstone for now.

6. The outcome? Two of Cups. Mirroring the first, “top” card in the spread, the Two here speaks to the state of emotional inner balance we achieve when our material outer lives are in their proper state of balance. I suppose this reading didn’t reveal anything that I couldn’t have figured out on my own, but it’s a positive reinforcement, and a reminder to all of us that we stand the greatest chance to find joy in our work when we enter into it with dedication and desire while reminding ourselves that while our work may be an important part of us, we should never allow it to become all of us or nothing of us, and that striking the perfect balance between the felicities of home and the obligations of the workplace is more important to our personal development in the long run than the riches of the world or the solitude of the hermitage.

Dante DiMatteo

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