Spread of The Month: Five-Card “Christmas” Spread

hangedmanApropos of this time of year, here’s a quick and simple spread that employs the most common Christian archetypes to provide us with guidance and insight during the time of the winter solstice.

For this spread, The Hanged Man—symbol of the dying and reviving god of myth that the Christ figure personifies in our aeon—is used as a Significator, and the remaining cards are dealt in the T-shaped pattern of the Tau cross from which The Hanged Man, well, hangs.

The cards are laid out in the following order:

2           (S)           1



4 (laid sideways)

The questions assigned to the cards are, roughly:

1. “Father/God”: What protects me?
2. “Mother/Mary”: What nurtures me?
3. “Son/Jesus”: What blesses me?
4. “Devil/Mammon”: What debases me?
5. “Holy Spirit”: What uplifts me?

The answers to each of these questions will depend to the greatest extent on the cards that turn up in the spread. If, for example, we see The Hierophant in the fifth position, it would suggest that prayer, devotional readings, and perhaps even church attendance would prove inspirational for the querent during the holiday season. The Nine of Swords in the same position, however, might hint at a source of aggravation or frustration that the querent needs to surrender before she can fully apprehend and experience her truest, Christ-like Self. As we draw nearer to the 25th, I’ll lay down a sample spread in the coming days to see what this year’s anniversary of the birth of the Nazarene can teach us about ourselves and our wider world.

Dante DiMatteo

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